Past events & Conferences


2001 - 2015

May 2015

Spiritual Direction & The Stages of Life

Una Agnew, Jack Finnegan, Debbie Moore & Eibhlis NicUaithuas


November 2014

Going Deeper – Mike Serrage & John Bennett

March 2014

Ministry of Restoration – Rev Dr Ruth Patterson

October 2013

Loyal Dissent - Discerning the Voice of Spirit

Dr Denis Robinson

March 2013

Spirit Moves Through Movies - Spiritual Experience in Film and Direction

Conaill O’ Cuinn SJ

October 2012

Cosmic Spirituality and Spiritual Accompaniment Jack Finnegan, Celine Mangan, Nellie McLoughlin

March 2012

The Role of Spirituality Today and the Vital Influence of the Feminine - Mary T. Malone

October 2011

Spiritual Discernment in a Sea of Nonsense

 Mark Patrick Hederman OSB


March 2011

Mindfulness, Stillness and Contemplative Listening Tony Bates & Sr Stan

June 2010

Global Spirituality and Dark Night of the Feminine Beverly Lanzetta

Dec 2009

Avila Retreat: Jack Finnegan & Geraldine Holton

Mar 2009

Spiritual Guidance - A Contemplative Style 

Robert Faricy

Nov. 2008

Begin with the Heart: Recovering a Sacramental Vision  - Daniel O Leary

Apr 2008

Discernment For Our Times - E. Liebert


May  2007

Centring Prayer - Implications for Spiritual Direction M. O’ Madagain

Dec   2006

The Wise Holy Fool - John Doherty, Una Agnew & Jack Finnegan

Oct 2006

Faces and Voices - Jack Finnegan

Wholeness as Restoration - Anne Alcock

Apr 2006

Discernment - The Heart of Spiritual Direction 

E. Liebert

Mar 2005

Exploring Spirituality of the Future: Our changing Culture - J. Drane

Nov 2005

Forum for Spiritual Guidance in the World 


Mar 2004

Discerning Movements and Resistances 

Mary Ann Scofield

Nov 2004

Fan Into Flame:

The Gift God Has Given You 

Members meeting

May 2003

The Art of Spiritual Guidance - C. Gratton

Sept 2003

Three Experiences of Darkness in Spiritual Direction M. Conroy

Sept 2003

Holistic Spirituality and Spiritual Direction 

M. Conroy

Nov 2002

Soul Work with Integrity 

Jeffrey Gaines

Spring  2001

Behold, I Am Doing Something New 

Ron Mercier

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 ACT Now Ireland offers Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) and mindfulness-based workshops and training courses tailored for both the general public and for professionals looking to develop a practice of ACT

 Women’s Therapy Centre Ireland

 We provide professional and accessible counselling and psychotherapy services that respond to the particular needs and experiences of women clients.

 National Women's Council

 The Central purpose of the National Women's Council of Ireland is to promote women's rights and women's equality.

 Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

 The IACP identifies, develops and maintains professional standards of excellence in counselling and psychotherapy through education, training and accreditation.

 New Monasticism Ireland

 This movement has its tentative roots in traditional Monasticism. It also has connections with a global expression that embraces many denominations.  It could be said that it captures the ‘zeitgeist’ of this Age where much is in flux and a search for the authentic is paramount.

 The Community of Aidan and Hilda

The Community of Aidan and Hilda is a dispersed, ecumenical body drawing inspiration from the lives of the Celtic saints. The Open Gate, on Lindisfarne is our main house and offers accommodation for members and visitors. We provide a programme of retreats and events on Holy Island, around the UK, and internationally.

 The London Centre for Spirituality

 The aim of the London Centre for Spirituality is to provide a contemporary and relevant Christian response to the individual’s quest for meaning and purpose